Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program.

In this page I will show the work I have done on this program.

In this project we made an isometic landscape scene. We used the rectangular grid tool and flipped it on an angle.
Then we used the pen tool to create 3D objects adn then combined to objects to creat scenery.

In this project we created a silhouette with some animals and objects. We did this by copying images off the internet and outlining them with the curvature
tool. Then we made the inside colour black and created a gradiant which used the same colours as a sunset. Then we combined everything to create the final product.

In this project we made a pattern using many different tools on adobe illustrator. I created one pizza then used the pattern tool to make many. Then i also copied come toppings to make the project look less bland. Finally i added some dripping cheese from the pizza and it was done.

In this project we made silhouettes of different animals in a "guessing game" format. Then we created a gradiant snd it was done.

In this project we used a graph and the pen tool to make shapes within shapes.

In these projects we created human faces using layers.
We used the curvature tool to make different parts of the body then we put the layers together. We also changed the layers colours to make it look more human like.